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Updates : Mises à Jour

Summer 2015

Funded by a grant from the Mellon Foundation, Oren Kosansky and Noam Margalit return to the Casablanca Jewish Museum to continue research on the Rabat genizah collection and to initiate The Moroccan Jewish Archives Project, which extends digital archiving practices developed by The Rabat Genizah Project to new collections. The preliminary focus of this extension is: 1) the Bibliothèque de la Fondation Judéo-Àrabe et Ladino, housed at the Casablanca Jewish Museum; 2) the Khoya Moroccan Jewish sound archive project.

Fall 2014

The Rabat Genizah Project continue an ongoing collaboration with the professors and students of French language courses at Lewis & Clark College. During the fall term of 2014, the students complete a draft translation of the book, Les Israélites Marocains a l'heure du choix (1958) by Carlos de Nesry.

Summer 2014

The Rabat Genizah Project receives funding from the Mellon Foundation to continue research at the Casablanca Jewish Museum. During this time, the research team completes the inventory of the Rabat genizah collection and continues digitization of documents. The project also strengthens its collaboration with the Khoya Moroccan Jewish sound archive project, which documents Sephardic Jewish presence in Morocco. The research team conducts preliminary research on second collection housed at the museum: Bibliothèque de la Fondation Judéo-Àrabe et Ladino, which includes personal correspondence, poetic works, liturgical compositions, rabbinic commentary, and legal documents.

April 2014

Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant (NEH)

The Rabat Genizah Project completes its Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant (NEH) in March 2014. A summary of activities, accomplishments and challenges can be found in the associated White Paper.

Digital Collection Development and Management

Funded by a Mellon Summer Student Faculty Research Grant, Oren Kosansky and Maia Erickson will be in residence at the Casablanca Jewish Museum during the summer of 2014. Project activities will include: continued digitization and inventory of the collection, translation of the collection inventory into all project languages; and multilingual enhancement of the project website.

Digital Texts / Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Development

The Rabat Genizah Project continues to explore strategies for creating and publishing TEI encoded digital texts from the collection (see White Paper). For documentation of efforts to date, see:

    • Draft TEI template

    • Draft TEI / DCMI crosswalk